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College Credit Plus
document What is the College Credit Plus (CCP) Program?
Ohio’s College Credit Plus can help you earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking college courses from colleges and/or universities. The purpose of this program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready students....
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document I am interested in the CCP program. How do I begin the process?
Your first step should be to contact your high school guidance counselor to discuss the program. Most high schools host mandatory informational meetings between October and February to share details about the program with students and parents. There is also an intent to participate form that is...
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document How can I apply for the CCP program?
The application for the CCP program can be found at www.owens.edu by clicking on How to Apply and then Start Your Online Application. Be sure to choose College Credit Plus as your application type from the drop down menu. Sometime after you have submitted your CCP application to Owens, you will...
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document What are the admission requirements for the Owens CCP program?
CCP students must meet the pre and co-requisites and test score requirements for any courses they want to take. Please visit www.owens.edu/collegecreditplus for more details.
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document Can CCP students at Owens register for classes on their own online?
CCP students at Owens must work with their academic advisor to register for classes. This is to ensure that all necessary documentation and test scores have been submitted. To schedule a meeting with your advisor, please call 567-661-7777 (Toledo Campus) or 567-429-3509 (Findlay Campus).
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document How do I make an appointment with a CCP advisor?
To make an appointment with one of the CCP advisors, please call 567-429-3509 (Findlay Campus) or 567-661-7777 (Toledo Campus). You may also contact the CCP advisors with questions about the application and/or registration process.
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document Does Owens offer an orientation program for new CCP students?
Yes. CCP orientation programs are offered on both campuses in the fall for new students. During orientation, CCP students and parents learn about policies/procedures, resources on campus, and college expectations. Students can sign up for CCP orientation at www.owens.edu/collegecreditplus.
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document Do I have to pay for my college textbooks?
If you are participating in CCP option B, you do not need to pay for your textbooks. Your high school will cover the cost of your books. You should follow up with your high school counselor to find out the process for obtaining and returning your CCP books each semester. Students pursuing Option A...
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document What are the characteristics needed to be a successful CCP student?
A successful CCP student is disciplined, self-directed, motivated, academically able, and socially mature.
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document What are the differences between high school and college?
First and foremost, the level of course difficulty is very different between college and high school academic work. You may not spend as much time in the college classroom as you do in high school, but you will find the work to be more demanding with more homework, reading, and independent work....
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