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document Testing Center Hours
For current Testing Center hours, please visit: https://www.owens.edu/testing/
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document What is the ACCUPLACER test?
ACCUPLACER is an untimed, computerized test that evaluates a student’s skills for appropriate course placement in math, reading, writing, and if necessary, English as a Second Language (ESL). Students will receive their results immediately upon test completion. The results will be used to place...
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document Should I study for the ACCUPLACER test and complete an online review?
Testing Services strongly encourages all students to study for ACCUPLACER. You can prepare for ACCUPLACER by taking advantage of the study tools and resources offered on the ACCUPLACER website (links listed below). Use these tools to become familiar with the types and format of ACCUPLACER test...
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document What if English is not my primary language?
Students for whom English is not their primary language may need to take the placement ESL test. If you are a student with a non-immigrant visa, contact International Programs and Services for more information at (567) 661-2773 or visit online at www.owens.edu/international. If you are a citizen...
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document Is it possible to receive accommodations on the placement test if I have a diagnosed disability?
Students with documented disabilities who need test accommodations (sign language interpreters, tests in auditory format, or large print) should contact the Disability Resource Center before arranging to take the placement test. Contact the Disability Resource Center at (567) 661-7007 or visit...
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document Can I use a calculator on the math portion of the ACCUPLACER test?
ACCUPLACER does NOT permit the use of personal calculators on the Math portion of placement test. ACCUPLACER expects students to be able to correctly answer certain questions without the assistance of a calculator. Therefore, they provide an onscreen calculator for students to use on some...
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document Can I take the placement test again if I am unhappy with my results?
Students who wish to retest for placement must follow the retesting procedure outlined below. Testing Services strongly encourages all students planning to retest any part of the ACCUPLACER Placement Test to study. Students are permitted two placement test attempts within a 365 day time period. ...
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document What if I have not earned my high school diploma or GED?
If you have not earned a high school diploma or GED you are still able to take the placement test, but you must be aware of how this impacts financial aid eligibility. Effective July 1, 2012, all students must have earned their high school diploma or GED in order to qualify for federal financial...
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document What do I need to know about test day for the ACCUPLACER test?
You must bring a valid, government issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, state identification card, or passport. It is also helpful to either know or have your OCID number if you have already completed an admission application. You may not bring a personal calculator. A calculator is...
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document What is a proficiency exam?
Proficiency exams are administered through Testing Services and allow students to receive credit by examination for certain courses. Please see list of exams available here. They can be oral, written, or computerized exams.
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