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Student Printing
document What happens to the funds collected from students who exceeded their allotment?
Because the purpose of Student Print Solutions is to encourage a more mindful use of Owens printing resources, it is our expectation that very few funds will be collected. Any funds collected from students exceeding their quota will be used for offsetting the costs of printing and for technology...
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document What is the Express Card and how do I add money to the card to pay for additional pages?
Money can be placed on the card online through Ozone, at various transfer stations across campus and via the secure payment drop box located outside Oserve on the Toledo Campus. More information about the Express Card is available at the Owens Express Card page on our website.
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document Who do I contact for printing help?
If you are having a problem with a print job in a lab, notify the lab assistant immediately. If you have any questions about your print accounting or problems with printing, please contact the HelpDesk at (567) 661-7120 or helpdesk@owens.edu.
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document Why does Owens limit the amount of pages students and faculty can print/copy?
In an effort to be good stewards of resources, Owens has implemented a semester printing quota for all students beginning Spring Semester 2011. The College has a strong commitment to sustainable and green practices across campus. For more information, please view the Why Print Solutions?...
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document How does the print process work?
Every time you print from a public computer lab, you will be identified by either your login information or your OCID number. When you login on an OCC computer and print, the pages will automatically be counted toward your 100-page allotment. At the beginning of each semester, your allotment...
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document Will I get a refund if I don't use all of my allotment?
No. The allotment is in place to control the costs of printing, to encourage a more mindful use of Owens printing resources and to maintain our commitment to green initiatives.
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document How many pages can I print per semester?
When classes are in session, enrolled students will be given an allowance of 100 black and white sheets each semester. This is the equivalent of $4 of printing. Once you have exceeded this allotment, you will be charged for each additional page printed at four cents per page. In addition, faculty...
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document Who will be given the print allotment?
To be given the print allotment, a student must be enrolled for classes that semester. For instance, if a student is enrolled for Fall semester, that student will be given the print allotment for Fall semester. If a student takes a semester off such as the Summer semester, that student will not be...
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document How will I be charged for over quota printing?
Once you exceed the free 100-page ($4) allotment, you must have money in your Express Card account to print.
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document How can I check my Student Print balance?
Each time you print, a pop-up window will show how many pages you have printed and how many pages remain in your allotment.
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