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document What is my username and initial password?
Your full first name, underscore, full last name: jonathon_doe. Some usernames will have a number following the last name due to students having a common name (example: jonathon_doe2). To lookup your username, click here. Your initial password is your two-digit birth day, two digit birth year,...
rating 08 Nov, 2019 Views: 28103
document How do I Web Drop a class through Ozone?
1. Log-in to your Ozone account. 2. Click Academic Info. 3. Click Add/Drop Classes in the Registration and Class Schedule portlet. 4. Select the Term and click Submit. 5. Click the Action drop-down menu and select Web Drop. 6. Click the link to review your updated Student...
rating 14 Nov, 2019 Views: 2063
document How do I reset my password?
If you have forgotten or lost your password, please visit the Reset Password link. If you need to change your password and you know your existing password, please visit the Change Password link or the password portlet in Ozone. *The Reset password link can also be found at my.owens.edu...
rating 16 Dec, 2019 Views: 10125
document How do I reset my Password Reset Questions?
1. Log in to Ozone using your Owens username and password. 2. Click on the Set My Security Questions link in the My Password Info portlet. 3. Fill in ALL of the response fields. (The words show up as black dots) Make sure your responses are something you will remember and that everything is...
rating 16 Sep, 2019 Views: 5088
document How do I reset my Ozone password using a Password Reset Self-Service Kiosk?
If you are a student and your Ozone password is not working, you can reset your own password at a Password Reset Self-Service Kiosk on campus. Conveniently located at the Toledo campus and the Findlay campus in the Oserve department, the Password Reset Self-Service Kiosks are available during...
rating 26 Feb, 2015 Views: 5142
document How do I create a Google Doc?
From your Omail+ screen, click on the Google Apps icon (square grid symbol) in the upper right-hand corner. Click Docs. Click Blank or one of the templates. Create your document. Click Untitled document, upper left corner. Type in what you would like to name your new document and hit...
rating 02 Nov, 2019 Views: 2201
document How can I start having Owens contact me for emergencies and class cancellations?
Log into my.owens.edu using your universal username and password. Click Manage My Owens Alerts under My Personal Information. To sign up for Owens Alerts, check the boxes next to the alerts you would like to receive. Check to make sure the phone numbers listed are up to date and pick one to...
rating 25 Nov, 2019 Views: 1745
document How do I access my T1098 tax form through my Ozone account?
1. Log into Ozone. 2. Click the Financial Info tab. 3. Click Print Tax Notification / 1098T. 4. Enter Tax Year. 5. Click Submit.
rating 14 Nov, 2019 Views: 1904
document How do I find out who my advisor is?
1. Log into your Ozone account. 2. Find Advisors under the Academic Profile portlet or click on Find your advisor in the Academic Advising portlet. Both are located at the bottom of the My Ozone page. This will bring up your Advisor's name, and contact information.
rating 23 Nov, 2019 Views: 1275
document How do I get an Ozone account?
All faculty, staff, and students who are active at the college* or new students with an accepted application on file have an Ozone account. To see how to log into your Ozone account for the first time, click here. *Faculty, staff, and students are considered active at the college if they are...
rating 03 Feb, 2020 Views: 1735

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