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Selective Health Information
document A. What is the difference between “pre” and “in-program” majors?
Students cannot list health programs as a major until after they have been accepted into the program through the selective admission process. Students who are working toward acceptance into one of the selective admissions health programs are encouraged to follow the in-program curriculum listed in...
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document B. What is a complete file for selective health programs?
Each selective health program has admission requirements for entry into their program. The requirements are listed on the Selective Programs Evaluation Deadlines sheet along with the deadline dates. This sheet can be found at https://www.owens.edu/admissions/selective.html. All applicants must...
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document C. How do I know if my file is complete? What do I do next if it is?
Check “My Required Documents” in your Ozone account. If you have a received date for all of your admission requirements, your file is complete. Once the deadline date has arrived for your program evaluation, you will be notified of your admission status in 1-2 weeks through your Omail account....
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document D. I am transferring to Owens after already completing my bachelor’s degree; do I still need to have a complete file? I may have some of my clinical courses completed; what do I need to do?
Yes, you will still have to be evaluated for admission into your program of interest. If you are accepted, you need to meet with the program chair to determine what clinical coursework transfers. You can email transfer@owens.edu if you have questions about your transfer credits. You can also...
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document E. I took the ACT test fifteen years ago; does it still count as part of my complete file?
Yes. The ACT score for selective admissions evaluation does not have an expiration date. You may retake the ACT, but be aware that the most recent score will be used in the health evaluation. It can take up to 8 weeks for ACT scores to arrive at Owens and be posted to your student record.
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document F. I did not take the ACT in high school; can I take it Owens? What is the residual ACT? Do I need to take the ACT Plus Writing?
You can take both the residual and national ACT here at Owens. The residual ACT is the same as the national ACT with one exception. The residual ACT score is only good at Owens Community College. It will not transfer to another school. Contact the Testing Center for further information at (567)...
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document G. I took chemistry and biology fifteen years ago. Do they still count for my complete file?
Yes, they count for the complete file as long as you received a C or better in each of them.
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document H. I requested a health evaluation and was denied. Why was I denied and what do I do now?
Our health programs are competitive. Call 567-661-2387 to set up an appointment with a health advisor to discuss your particular situation. You will have the opportunity to create a plan to increase your chances for acceptance in the future or discuss pursuing a different program. If you decide to...
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document I. How are points calculated for the health evaluations? How can I improve my points?
Criteria for point calculations vary for the different program evaluations. You can find the information on how points are calculated under "Program Information" on the program page in the online college catalog. Points calculations are available for both high school and college applicants. You...
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document J. I have an accepted seat for my health program, but I am unable to start my program due to unforeseen circumstances. What should I do?
You will want to contact the Selective Health Coordinator to discuss your options. Call (567) 661-2387 to schedule an appointment. In some cases, not starting on your scheduled program start date would mean giving up your seat and going through the program evaluation in the future when you are...
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