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Visiting (Transient/Guest) Students
document What is a visiting student?
Visiting students are those interested in attending Owens for a short period of time and are considered non-degree seeking. There are two types of visiting students: transient and guest. Transient students are those who are enrolled at another accredited college or university and intend to apply...
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document Which options do I select when filling out the Owens application if I only plan to take a few courses to transfer back to my home institution?
You can apply online at http://www.owens.edu and click on Apply Today! If you are not a US citizen, please choose the "International Application". All other students may choose the "New Student Application". In the application, you will be asked to give information about how...
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document Will courses I take at Owens transfer to my home institution?
As a comprehensive community college, Owens works with baccalaureate granting colleges and universities to assist students to ensure the efficient and effective movement of students and courses among institutions. Owens has articulation agreements signed with many colleges and universities, but...
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document Where do I mail my official transcripts?
Official transcripts can be mailed to: Owens Community College Records Office PO Box 10,000 Toledo, OH 43699-1947 If your official documents will not be received prior to classes starting at Owens, and you are unable to register due to pre/co-requisite errors, please submit the Visiting...
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document How do I register for courses?
You must have an application on file with Owens Community College to register online. If you do not have an application on file with Owens, please visit the Visiting Student website to learn how to get started. If you have already applied, you can register online by following the steps listed...
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document How do I view the class schedule?
You can view the class schedule two ways. You can go into your Ozone account and click on Web Registration, or you can go on the Owens home page at www.owens.edu and click on the Class Schedule link on the left side of the page.
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document I am trying to register, but am getting a link error. How can I fix this?
This class requires that you register for an additional class (generally a lab and/or clinical). You are unable to take a lab or lecture separate from each other. You will need to choose a lab and lecture section of the class and register for them at the same time. For certain courses, there is a...
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document I am registering for an online or hybrid course and am getting an error. What do I need to do to be able to register?
Before registering for an online or hybrid course at Owens you will need to complete the online Web Course Prep Requirement. You can obtain the code needed to register for an online or hybrid course by completing the Web Course Prep Requirement in the Owens Blackboard system. For more information...
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document I am getting a pre/co-requisite & test score error when registering for a course, but I have already completed the pre/co-requisite. How can I fix this?
Please refer to the course description for specific pre/co-requisite information. If your official documents (transcripts, test scores, high school transcript, etc.) have already been received and evaluated, courses may not have transferred in as the direct equivalent of the required...
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document Do I have to take both the lecture and lab if I have already completed one of them at my home institution?
Yes. Owens Community College requires students to complete the lecture and lab components of a course in the same semester, even if the lecture or lab has been completed previously.
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