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Post-Secondary Options (PSO)
document How do I make an appointment with a PSO advisor?
To make an appointment with one of the PSO advisors, please call 567-429-3509 (Findlay Campus) or 567-661-7777 (Toledo Campus). You may also contact the PSO advisors with questions about the application and/or registration process.
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document I am a home-schooled student. Can I participate in the PSO program?
For more information about the state guidelines regarding the PSO program and home schooled students, visit the Ohio Department of Education’s PSO frequently asked questions website at...
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document I am interested in the PSO program. How do I begin the process?
Your first step should be to contact your high school guidance counselor to discuss the program. Most high schools host mandatory PSO informational meetings between January and March to share details about the program with students and parents. Please consult with your high school counselor...
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document If a course is not in the Ohio Transfer Module, does that mean it will not transfer?
Not necessarily. The course may transfer into a particular major such as accounting, business, or education, and the decision about transferability will be made by the college or university to which you are transferring.
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document If I fail a class at the college, who pays for it?
Students who fail a class may be required by their high school to pay for the failed class. You should contact your high school counselor about your district's policy.
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document If I take some or all of my courses at Owens, am I eligible to participate in high school extra-curricular activities?
Students participating in the program remain high school students. They are entitled to participate in appropriate school district activities so long as they meet the criteria established by district policy or administrative procedures.
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document Is there a difference between the courses held on the Owens Campus and Owens courses taught at the high school?
Besides the location, classes held at the high school may differ from those held at Owens in terms of calendar/schedule.
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document May a high school student participate in any college activity?
In general, no. Students participating in the program continue to be high school students. However, some college activities may directly relate to specific courses taken by PSO students (e.g. art, music, drama activities) and would warrant attendance.
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document What are the admission requirements for the Owens PSO program?
Currently, Owens has both test score and GPA admission requirements for the PSO program. For a listing of these, please visit www.owens.edu/pso.
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document What are the characteristics needed to be a successful PSO student?
A successful PSO student is disciplined, self-directed, motivated, academically able, and socially mature.
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