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Post-Secondary Options (PSO)
document Are the courses taken at Owens transferable?
Owens is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and is part of the University System of Ohio. Many Owens courses will transfer to other colleges and universities via state-wide transfer rules and/or individual articulation agreements with other...
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document Can I repeat a failed class under this program?
This is something you must discuss with your high school counselor.
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document Can I take evening classes?
Yes. Students may take day, evening, weekend, or online classes.
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document Can I take remedial or developmental courses under Option B?
No. PSO students may take only college level courses through PSO Option B. Under Option A, a student can elect to take developmental course work at the student/family's expense.
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document Can I take summer classes under PSO Option B?
No. The program is limited to the academic year August through May. Students eligible for this program can earn college credits in the summer at their own expense.
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document Can PSO students at Owens register for classes on their own online?
PSO students at Owens must work with their academic advisor to register for classes. This is because PSO students must meet specific test score and GPA requirements to be eligible for classes. PSO students may be able to register for classes online via Ozone after consulting with their academic...
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document Do I have to pay for my college textbooks?
If you are participating in PSO option B, you do not need to pay for your textbooks. However, you are required to return your books to the Advising Office at the end of each semester. If you do not return your books, you will be billed for the cost of those books. Students pursuing Option A are...
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document Does Owens have a college-wide attendance policy?
No. Each instructor establishes the attendance rules for his/her course. It is important for the students to be aware of the attendance rules for each course they are taking. Course attendance expectations are outlined on the course syllabus distributed at the first class meeting.
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document Does Owens offer an orientation program for new PSO students?
Yes. PSO orientation programs are offered on both campuses in the fall for new PSO students. During orientation, PSO students and parents learn about policies/procedures, resources on campus, and college expectations. Students can sign up for PSO orientation at www.owens.edu/pso.
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document How can I apply for this program?
The application for the PSO program can be found at https://express.owens.edu/prod/bwskalog.P_disploginnon. Sometime after you have submitted your PSO application to Owens, you will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of your application with next steps outlined. You can also visit...
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