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Early Alert
document What is an early alert?
Early alert is a college-wide effort to promote student learning and success by providing early feedback and support to students regarding their course progress. Faculty submit alerts for students in their classes who may be in danger of earning a low course grade for attendance, missing work,...
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document Who should submit early alerts?
Early alerts can be submitted by faculty for students enrolled in their classes.
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document When should I submit an early alert?
For maximum benefit to students, early alerts should be submitted within the first 2 to 4 weeks of class. 8-week courses within the first 2 weeks 9- & 13-week courses within the first 3 weeks 16-week courses within the first 4 weeks and before the last day to drop However, alerts can...
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document How do I submit an early alert?
For detailed instructions on using early alert, please click on the early alert tab on the Owens Intranet.
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document What if there is an issue I want to submit that is not on the list of choices?
You may list any additional issues or explanation in the comments box on the submission form. However, keep in mind that the student will see these comments in the email the student receives once the early alert is submitted.
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document Can an early alert be submitted only if a student is doing poorly or struggling in a class?
No. An early alert can be used to provide any type of feedback to a student on his/her performance in a class. Early alert includes a kudos function to support positive feedback for our students who are doing well in a course rather than just feedback to those students who are struggling....
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document How will I know that my early alert was successfully submitted?
You will receive a confirmation email within 1-2 minutes of your early alert submission. If anything appears in error, you may return to the early alert referral page, make the desired changes, and resubmit the referral. For a sample confirmation email, please visit the Early Alert tab via the...
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document Will students be notified of early alerts?
Yes. Students will receive an email notification from you the next morning that contains the contents of your referral and encourages them to contact you and their primary advisor for additional assistance and support. For a sample email, please visit the Early Alert tab on the Intranet.
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document Can I retract or revise an early alert after it has been submitted?
Yes. You may delete or revise an alert at any time by returning to the early alert referral page, making the desired changes, and resubmitting the referral. If you wish to erase all current alerts for students in your class, click the reset button followed by submit. Resubmissions made within the...
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document Can I modify the wording of the automated email notification that students receive?
No. That functionality does not exist within the system. However, you can add personal remarks in the comment box on the referral form. These comments will appear in the email to students.
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