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Owens Alert System
document What is the Owens Alert System?
The Owens Alert System is designed to keep our students, employees and visitors safe and informed. Program enrollees will automatically be able to receive notices by phone, email and text message when the College or your individual campus is closed because of inclement weather or emergencies. ...
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document How can I start/stop having Owens contact me for emergencies and class cancellations?
1. Log into my.owens.edu using your universal username and password. 2. Then click Manage My Owens Alerts under My Personal Information. 3. This will take you to the Contact information page: 4. Check to make sure the phone numbers listed are up to date and pick one to be your...
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document When will I be asked to enroll into the Owens Alert System?
Students will be asked to enroll and keep their information up to date every time they register for classes. Employees will need to enroll and keep their information up to date.
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document I am not an Owens student or employee. How do I stop receiving Owens Alert messages?
Please contact any individual that would have used your phone number when signing up for the Owens Alert System and they will be able to update their settings in their Ozone account. Individuals not currently enrolled or employed will still receive Owens Alerts until their settings are updated in...
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document Can I be notified of college closings due to inclement weather if I am not an Owens student?
If you are a community member and would like to request updates, click here.
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