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Administrative Computing
document Help, I can't find the Faculty Assignment Tool. Where can I find it?
The Faculty Assignment Tool can be found on the Intranet by clicking on the Academics link. https://www.owens.edu/faculty_assignment/
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document Why was my program blocked by the software restriction list?
Owens IT has implemented an enhanced software restriction list (SRL) for workstations to pro-actively decrease the rate of new virus and malware infections. The software restriction list will prevent software/programs from being installed on administrative computers. If you have legitimate...
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document Why does the ZENworks Configuration Management login screen appear when logging into a system with "workstation only" box checked?
If presented with the ZENworks Configuration Management login screen when logging into a system with the Workstation only box checked on the Novell client, click the Cancel button to continue. This box will appear when a user is not logged into the campus administrative network. Example: a...
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document Ricoh Trac User Guide
The Ricoh Trac User Guide is attached below.
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document How do I confirm my Department ID/Password when printing?
When printing from an administrative computer, users are often prompted with a Confirm Department ID and Password box. Sometimes this can be hidden behind other windows - to find it, try minimizing all open windows. To print, enter your department ID (the same code you would use to make copies...
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