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Administrative Computing
document Help, I can't find the Faculty Assignment Tool. Where can I find it?
The Faculty Assignment Tool can be found on the Intranet by clicking on the Academics link. https://www.owens.edu/faculty_assignment/
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document Why was my program blocked by the software restriction list?
Owens ITS has implemented a tool named AppLocker for all desktop computers, which is used to decrease the amount of virus and malware infections. AppLocker is the second iteration of the Software Restriction List that was implemented to slow the rate of virus infections on college computers....
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document Why does the ZENworks Configuration Management login screen appear when logging into a system with "workstation only" box checked?
If presented with the ZENworks Configuration Management login screen when logging into a system with the Workstation only box checked on the Novell client, click the Cancel button to continue. This box will appear when a user is not logged into the campus administrative network. Example: a...
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document Ricoh Trac User Guide
The Ricoh Trac User Guide is attached below.
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document How do I confirm my Department ID/Password when printing?
When printing from an administrative computer, users are often prompted with a Confirm Department ID and Password box. Sometimes this can be hidden behind other windows - to find it, try minimizing all open windows. To print, enter your department ID (the same code you would use to make copies...
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document What do I do if my personal network storage (E:) drive is full?
Please call the Owens IT Help Desk at 567-661-7120 and we will increase the size of your network drive to fit your needs.
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document Where are my Shared Folders/Network Drives located on my new Active Directory System?
Accessing your Network Drives: 1. Open Windows Explorer. Right-click on the Start button and then left-click on Open Windows Explorer. Or Click on the manila folder icon in your task bar. 2. Click on Computer. 3. To access your shared network folders, click on Network(O): and...
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