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NetMail Archive Reference Guide
document What can I do with the records in my archives?
You can print, save as a .PDF, or forward to any email address (including yourself), any message in your archives.
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document What browsers work best with NetMail Archive?
Firefox and Chrome browsers work best. Internet Explorer can be problematic. (Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded and installed from www.mozilla.org and Google Chrome can be downloaded and installed from www.google.com)
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document Can I delete email messages from my archive?
No, messages cannot be deleted from the archives.
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document How do I perform a search in NetMail Archive?
Please review the following reference guides to see how to perform searches in NetMail Archive. https://www2.owens.edu/faq/entry/363/ https://www2.owens.edu/faq/entry/368/
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document Which email archive search tool is best?
IT recommends using the NetMail Search tool. It has a GUI interface and is more intuitive than the older WebViewer search tool. It can be accessed by clicking on Search in the upper-right corner of the screen. The reference guide covers how to perform searches using either of these applications.
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document Why can I only see 20 records in NetMail Search?
If you click on Preferences in the upper-right corner of the screen, you can change the page size between 20 & 200 entries per screen.
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document Current known issues with NetMail Archive:
Users cannot print email archive records in NetMail Search when using some older versions of Internet Explorer. Cannot use address book when forwarding archived records in NetMail Search. A feature request has been submitted to Messaging Architects to add this functionality. The Print view...
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document How do I access the email archives?
1. Navigate to https://archive.owens.edu in your browser. 2. Login using your full Owens email address and your universal password. OR 1. Log into your Outlook Desktop Client. 2. Click the Netmail tab on the ribbon. 3. Double-click on either Open in Outlook or Open in New Window...
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