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Continuing/Community Education
document Do I need to apply for admission to the College?
For non-credit courses, admission to the College is not required.
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document How can I register/pay for a Continuing Education course?
View our Three Easy Ways to Register.
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document Where can I find a class schedule?
Download our Non-Credit Course Catalog.
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document When are courses offered?
They are offered days, evenings, and weekends. To check out our current offerings, download our Non-Credit Course Catalog.
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document What is the refund policy?
If a class is cancelled by Workforce and Community Services, you will receive a full refund or a credit voucher to use for other Workforce and Community Services courses. If you cancel or withdraw prior to the start of a class, a refund will be given. No refund will be given after the...
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document What is the difference between a credit and non-credit course?
In general, credit courses are designed for students who are interested in earning college credits towards a degree or certificate. These courses are usually a full semester long. Students who take credit courses receive a letter grade (A, B, C, D or F) at the end of the semester. ...
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document What if a class I've registered for is cancelled?
Register early to avoid disappointment. Non-credit classes are self-supporting and course-related expenses are paid from student registration fees. Courses that do not meet a minimum student enrollment are subject to cancellation. If that should happen, every effort will be made to notify...
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document Can my employer pay for my class?
Yes. A Company Billing Authorization must be completed prior to class. Please call (567) 661-7357 to request a form be faxed to you or your supervisor.
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document Do I need a parking pass?
Students are not required to register their vehicle and purchase a parking permit each semester. Students, alumni and visitors may park in the YELLOW parking spaces.
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document Where are Workforce and Community Services classes located?
Classes are primarily offered at the Toledo Campus, the Findlay Campus and the Downtown Learning Center. However, sometimes off campus locations are used as well. Please visit the Workforce and Community Services webpage for specific details on where classes are offered. You may also...
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