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document What is academic advising?
Academic advising is a shared responsibility between student and advisor that includes certain student learning outcomes as well as expectations for both student and advisor.  
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document How do I find out who my advisor is?
Most students are assigned an advisor based on their major. You can locate your advisor's name and contact information in your Ozone account by clicking on the My Advisors Quick Link.  
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document Do I have to see an advisor to register for classes?
Certain populations of students including many new students, post-secondary enrollment options students, international, and student athletes as well as students on academic probation are required to meet with an advisor prior to registration.  All students are encouraged to meet with an...
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document What does an academic advisor do?
Academic Advisors are here to encourage and guide students in developing an academic plan to achieve educational goals.  The advisors help students stay on track with their general education requirements and recommend courses helpful to the anticipated major. Advisors help undecided students...
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document How do I contact my advisor?
Academic advisors are available by phone, through email, via online chat, and in person by appointment. It is important to include your OCID number when emailing your advisor and to have your OCID number available when you are calling the Advising Office or chatting online with an advisor.  To...
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document When can I see my advisor?
View hours for the Office of Advising at https://www.owens.edu/advising/hours.html  Please note that individual advisor’s hours may vary. Please call for an appointment.  
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document What can I do to prepare for my meeting with my academic advisor?
Run a Degree Evaluation by accessing the link in your OZONE account. A Degree Evaluation is an unofficial snapshot of your program’s requirements compared to the courses you have successfully completed. Other ways to prepare for your meeting with your academic advisor include creating an...
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document What should I do if my advisor is not available?
When your advisor is not available and you need immediate assistance, let the Advising staff know, and they will get you the help you need. One of the other advisors may be able to help you resolve your issue. You may also be able to resolve your issue through email contact with your advisor....
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document Do I have the same advisor every year?
Every effort is made to keep your advisor consistent.  However, sometimes advisor assignments are adjusted based on changes at the college or a student’s change of major.
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document Can I change my advisor?
In most cases, entering students are assigned an academic advisor based on the student’s major. If you feel the need to change advisors, you are encouraged to discuss this situation with your advisor to work out an appropriate solution. Advisor assignments are made to keep each advisor's workload...
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