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Ozone Proxy Access
document Which students can set up Proxy Access?
Any student has the ability to set up Proxy Access. The link can be found in Ozone.
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document Can an email address be assigned as a proxy for multiple students?
Yes. Proxies are identified by email address, and that address can be assigned as a proxy for multiple students. This is particularly useful in the case of siblings both attending Owens Community College.
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document Can multiple proxies use the same email address?
No. However, if parents share an email address and a student wishes to grant proxy access to both using that address, the student can do so. If this is how the student wishes to set it up, we ask that when completing the first name field, the student enters both first names (example: Mary and...
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document Can a proxy call Owens Community College if they have questions about it?
If a proxy has a question about the functionality of Proxy Access, the proxy should first check the Proxy User FAQ's. The Help Desk can be called for assistance in setting up or activating proxy access. The passphrase is required when a proxy calls a college department and needs to have a...
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document When a proxy is given access to multiple students, can the access granted be different for each student?
Yes. Each student who grants proxy access to an email address has complete control over the access for their account, including start and stop date
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document What does a student do when he/she no longer wants a proxy to have access?
Access to information can be removed in a couple of ways. A student can change the Stop Date on the Profile tab or remove all checkmarks on the Authorization tab. The proxy will no longer see the student's name when the proxy logs in to the Proxy Access account.
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document Can students view who has accessed information through proxy access?
Yes. By clicking on the name proxy, the profile will be expanded by the student. Next, the student can click on the History tab to review the activity for that proxy. The webpage will display the most recent activity including access to information items being granted, information about items...
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document Will my proxy be notified if a modification to access is made including removing authorization?
No. There is no automatic notification sent when a modification to those items is made.
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document Can a student set a different date range to authorize access to a proxy?
Yes. Students are able to set a start and end date for each proxy. To do this, a student should access the Proxy Menu through Ozone and click the name ofthe proxy. On the Profile tab modify the start and/or end date.
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document How do parents or others gain Proxy Access?
Users gain access by being granted permission by the student. Once the necessary steps are completed by the student, a designated proxy will receive an email indicating the account has been created and it will provide a temporary link and action password (like a temporary PIN) to complete the...
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