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Google Features
document What is Google Voice?
What does it do? Users can set up a new phone number or use an existing phone number to set up a voicemail box through Google. Users can view voicemails as text messages, text online or listen to them from their phones. Users can set up one number to ring on multiple phone lines....
26 Mar, 2013 Views: 1113
document What are Google Bookmarks?
What does it do? Allows users to organize/view their bookmarks and browsing history. Also gives users a Google Bookmark button they can add to their browser’s favorites bar. How is this helpful? Students can save all of their sites for projects to their Google Bookmarks...
28 Mar, 2013 Views: 1015
document What are Google Books?
What does it do? Users can view/read magazines and books for free. Users can add books/magazines to their library for reading later. Why is this helpful? Students have access to free books/magazines that can be used for research for projects. They may even be able to...
28 Mar, 2013 Views: 898
document What is Google News?
What does it do? Organizes news stories according to user settings. Google News can be viewed without logging in, but cannot be personalized unless user is logged in. Users can set up location, news subject, and news sources (among other things). Why is this helpful?...
28 Mar, 2013 Views: 1129
document What is ODocs?
ODocs is a service of Google Drive. Just like Google Drive, users can upload files for storage or sharing and create documents, forms, presentations, and drawings similar to Microsoft Office in an online environment, allowing users to easily share documents and allow editing as a group. To...
13 Jun, 2014 Views: 1046
document How do I create a Google Doc (document)?
1. From your Omail+ screen, click on the square symbol in the upper right-hand corner. 2. Click Drive. 3. Click Create. 4. Click Untitled document. 5. Type in what you would like to name your new document and click OK. 6. Google Docs automatically Saves...
13 Jun, 2014 Views: 890
document How do I insert an image into my Google Doc?
1. In your Google Doc, click Insert. 2. Click Image. 3. Click Choose an image to upload. 4. Select the file and click Open. 5. Your image will appear in your Google Doc. For more information on inserting an image into a Google Doc, visit:...
13 Jun, 2014 Views: 1061
document How do I upload a file to my Google Drive?
1. Once logged into Omail+, click on the square symbol in the upper right-hand corner of your Omail+ account. 2. Click the Upload symbol on the left of the page. 3. Click Files… 4. Find and select the file you would like to upload, then click Open. ...
13 Jun, 2014 Views: 893
document Does Owens provide network storage options?
Yes, students can access their OneDrive for cloud storage by logging in here: http://onedrive.owens.edu Or they can also use Google Drive (30 GB) for cloud storage which is associated with their Omail account. For instructions on how to upload a file to your Google Drive, click here.
06 Jun, 2016 Views: 723
document How do I download a file from my Google Drive?
1. Once logged into Omail+, click on the square symbol in the upper right-hand corner of your Omail+ account. 2. Locate and then click on the file you would like to download. 3. Click the Download icon. *Note: If the file is too large, you may see this message. To bypass the...
09 Jul, 2014 Views: 853