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document How do I Import/Export my course in Blackboard?
Please proceed to Packages and Utilities under Control Panel in your original course and click on Export/Archive Course, click on Export and select what do you want to export, then click submit. You will receive a confirmation email from blackboard, then go back to Export/Archive Course page and...
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document How do I add an item to a content area?
To add an Item to a Content area: Go to the content area where you want to post your PowerPoint file > Build Content > Create Item > Insert name and instruction (if any) > browse my computer > locate the file > submit
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document Why are my old classes or classes that I am not currently enrolled in showing up in Blackboard?
Use the following steps to hide old courses in the course content module. Click the Manage My Courses Module Settings icon that appears when you move your pointer over the module. Locate the row for the course you would like to hide and clear the check box in the Course Name column. Be sure...
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document Why can I no longer right click to paste into the Blackboard content editor?
When I go try to right click and paste into the Blackboard content editor, I get the following error message? Why am I receiving this message? "Your web browser currently does not support this behavior. Use the following keyboard shortcuts instead. Cut : Control + X (Command + X) Copy :...
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document How do I log into Blackboard?
The Log In Page for Blackboard Has Changed. You will now log in to Blackboard (blackboard.owens.edu) using Central Authentication Service as seen in the image below. (Once logged in using Central Authentication Service, you can log in to additional Owens sites without having to enter your...
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document Discussion boards -> Set an author of anonymous posts -> Top of the page says “Failed to process de-anonymization selection”
This is a known issue for Blackboard 9.1 SP13. While there is no patch of fix yet there is the following workaround. Set all threads to "No, leave messages as anonymous" from the pop-up prompt. Then in List View of the forum, change each thread author using the "Change...
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document Problems with Blackboard Pasting in the Updated Blackboard Content Editor
Problems with Blackboard Pasting in the Updated Blackboard Content Editor The updated version of Blackboard has caused changes in the security settings which affect the way content is pasted into the Content editor. For computers where the security settings cannot be changed, the HTML button...
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document Why is there a Demo User listed in my course?
Demo User in Blackboard - Student View You may have noticed a student named "Demo User" in your gradebook. The user name looks something like this: bb_demo_1300854 This demo user account is generated by the new "Go To Student View" function in Blackboard. Clicking on this...
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document Why do I need to check to see if my Course is synchronized with SafeAssign?
SafeAssign Synchronization It is important to synchronize your course with SafeAssign because when you create an assignment, SafeAssign only recognizes the students that were in the course at the time of the creation of it. Synchronizing your course ensures that students that were added in...
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