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Blackboard (Student)
document Help! My blackboard account is in a different language! How do I fix it?
Log in to Blackboard and change your Personal Settings. The Change Personal Settings function allows you to manage the content editor, language pack, and the display of page instructions throughout the system. Click the global navigation link drop down arrow at the top right of the page. ...
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document I can not see my course menu when I go into my class on Blackboard. I can only see the Announcements! How do I fix this?
1. Click the My Courses tab and then click the link to the class you are trying to access. 2. Move your mouse pointer over the blue line to the very left side of the page. 3. An arrow pointing to the right should appear. Click on that arrow to show the course menu. 4. To...
rating 23 Aug, 2017 Views: 3764
document What should I do if my classes are not showing up on Blackboard?
Most classes do not show up on Blackboard until the actual day when the class is scheduled to start. It is possible that your classes will not show up until the actual scheduled time of the class. If your instructor has notified you that the class is available, try logging out of Blackboard and...
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document How do I clear my cookies and cache in Mozilla Firefox?
For instructions on how to clear your cache in Firefox, click here. For instructions on how to clear your cookies in Firefox, click here.
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document What do I do if I get locked-out of my test/exam?
Unfortunately if you are locked-out of your exam you will have to contact your instructor for assistance. We are unable to adjust or alter an instructors course settings unless given explicit permission by that instructor, so we would be unable to reset your exam attempt. We suggest that you...
rating 13 Mar, 2013 Views: 2329
document How do I access Blackboard?
To access Blackboard go to blackboard.owens.edu. Use your Ozone username and password credentials to login.
rating 13 Mar, 2013 Views: 1693
document When do I have access to my online course?
Students should have access to their online course(s) on the first day of class. Note: Some instructors may choose to make the course available to students prior to the first day of class.
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document Why are my old classes or classes that I am not currently enrolled in showing up in Blackboard?
Use the following steps to hide old courses in the course content module. Click the Manage My Courses Module Settings icon that appears when you move your pointer over the module. Locate the row for the course you would like to hide and clear the check box in the Course Name column. Be sure...
rating 23 May, 2014 Views: 1504
document Why can I no longer right click to paste into the Blackboard content editor?
When I go try to right click and paste into the Blackboard content editor, I get the following error message? Why am I receiving this message? "Your web browser currently does not support this behavior. Use the following keyboard shortcuts instead. Cut : Control + X (Command + X) Copy :...
rating 23 May, 2014 Views: 4445
document Why won’t my Safe Assignment submit?
SafeAssign submission issues are most commonly caused by the following: You are not using a supported Operating System or Browser You have cookies blocked – most common in Safari browsers You have an illegal character in your filename such as an accent (especially common in foreign...
rating 12 Jun, 2014 Views: 2464

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