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Toledo Campus Events & Facility Rentals
document How do I order external or internal signs for my event?
Signs are no longer available for college events. You are welcome to create, pay for, place and store signs for your event but it will no longer be a function of the college.
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document As an employee can I use a room for a personal event?
Yes, rooms can be used for personal events such as birthdays, receptions, baby showers, etc. but these events are considered external and rental fees and other direct costs will be assessed. Please contact Danielle Tracy at 567-661-7434 for further information.
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document What basic information is helpful when planning or preparing for an event?
Some basic questions you may want to know prior to requesting a room or during the initial stages of planning your event: How many people do you plan to have attending? What type of set up is needed? What types of audio visual capabilities are needed in the room? Is the event being...
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document How do I reserve a room for my student club or organization?
You can find a copy of the room reservation form in the Student Club & Organizations hand book. This form will need to be completed and turned in to Student Activities for approval. After the form has been approved by Student Activities, a room will be assigned based on the information...
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document Can I use a room without reserving it if it appears open?
No. We discourage the use of any room that has not been reserved by either academic scheduling or events. This will prevent any issues that may occur if another group shows up to use the room that has followed the proper procedures. If a room is needed last minute please contact events at (567)...
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