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Toledo Campus Events & Facility Rentals
document Who do outside groups contact to rent a room on the Perrysburg campus?
Director of Auxiliary Services, Danielle Tracy: (567) 661-7434
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document Who should Owens faculty and staff contact to reserve a room on the Toledo Campus for an internal Owens event or meeting?
Internal Room Requests - Sarah Smart, events@owens.edu External Room Requests - Danielle Tracy, danielle_tracy@owens.edu Academic Scheduling Requests - Jennifer York, csbr@owens.edu All non-academic internal event/room requests should be sent to events@owens.edu. You will receive a response...
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document Who should I contact to reserve a conference room on the Toledo Campus?
CFPA Conference Room - Nanette Honsberger (567) 661-7081 Founders Hall Conference Room(s) - Christina Roby (567) 661-7179 BOA Conference Room(s) - Kristine Holland (567) 661-2705 HR Conference Room - Lucia Cousino (567) 661-7292 Fireside Conference Room - Sarah Smith, events@owens.edu ...
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document Can the computer labs be reserved for events?
Open computer labs CANNOT be reserved for event usage. Computer labs are to remain open to students at all times. Regular classroom computer labs CAN be reserved for meetings and events if needed.
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document How do I know if my room request has been completed?
A room will be assigned based on the information provided in your email request. After which, you will receive a confirmation email from events. If additional services are needed other than usage of the room with normal set up you will also receive an employee room reservation form to complete and...
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document How do I place a catering request?
In order to place a catering request you will need to use the following link: http://www.owens.avifoodweb.com/ Questions or concerns please contact AVI at (567) 661-2208
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document Can I use catering services other than AVI?
Yes! AVI offers some catering but outside catering companies can be used if desired. If you are using an outside caterer, a waiver will need to be signed and turned in with the required paperwork. Please read the outside catering policies and procedures attached below: For further questions...
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document How do I request AV Services
For audio visual service request please use the following link: https://www.owens.edu/library/av_event.html
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document Do hallways, atriums and outside courtyards need to be reserved?
Yes, all areas of the college require confirmation for use. Please contact events@owens.edu to reserve lobbies, atriums, courtyards or hallways of any building.
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document How far in advance can I reserve a room for my event?
Rooms can be reserved up to a year or more in advance excluding classroom space. Classrooms are reserved on a semester basis depending on class scheduling. Class scheduling will take priority over events. After class scheduling has been completed for the semester and classes are stable, events...
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