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document What is a 1098-T, who gets it and why does the college ask for my Social Security Number?
Why does the College ask for my Social Security Number? With respect to admission, registration and financial aid, Owens Community College collects social security numbers from its students for the following reasons; For use in processing admission applications, for purposes of identification...
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document Is child care available at Owens Community College?
Yes! Toledo-area Campus The YMCA Child Development Center at Owens C.C. cares for children 6 weeks-12 years of age. Openings currently exist for all age groups and enrollment tours are encouraged for all who are interested. The center is open to students, faculty and community. The hours of...
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document I was contacted by Higher Education Solutions (EdFinancial). Who are they?
Owens Community College is partnering with a company called Higher Education Solutions (EdFinancial) to counsel students who borrowed federal student loans while enrolled at Owens. Higher Education Solutions (EdFinancial) will work with students to identify the best repayment option for their...
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document I work at Owens Community College and I would like to take classes using the Tuition Waiver. What do I do?
Review current Board of Trustee Policy and Procedure regarding Tuition Waivers. Policy: https://www.owens.edu/trustees/board_policies/11-5-35.pdf Procedure: https://www.owens.edu/trustees/procedures/proc3358-11-5-35.pdf Determine eligibility and percentage of cost covered based on your...
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