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document What is the Selective Service requirement?
Ohio law requires that all males who are not in compliance with the federal Selective Service laws pay out of state tuition fees. Federal law requires that all males who are eighteen through twenty-five years of age must be registered with Selective Service. Information on requirements, how to...
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document What should I do with my loan deferment form?
Submit your completed loan deferment forms from your loan agency directly to the Oserve office and we will send them to the National Student Loan Clearinghouse (NSLC). NSLC will complete the process.
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document When can I expect my refund? Who should I contact if I have not yet received my refund?
Financial Aid refund information: Students who meet the freeze date and attendance requirements, and who have financial aid remaining after tuition, fees, and book voucher purchases are paid, will receive a refund. Students whose aid is not ready for the first disbursement will receive their...
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