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document I have my Otech computer set-up and turned on. What now?
After successfully logging in, the Xubuntu desktop will load. Initially you will see a panel at the bottom and icons on the screen, similar to a desktop that you would see using a Windows operating system. The bottom left icon launches the Applications Menu, similar to the Windows icon, and...
30 Nov, 2012 Views: 1357
document How do I set up a new user on my Otech system?
When first setting up your new computer, we recommend that you change the password, and if you like, the username for the Otech user. This will secure and personalize your account, while maintaining the customization we have created to give the Xubuntu operating system a more familiar feel. To...
18 Dec, 2012 Views: 1366
document How do I find the system information (specifications) for my Otech computer?
Otech computer systems typically have a 40 GB hard drive and 1GB of RAM. Due to the variety of equipment that is donated to the Otech program, it is possible that your specific system will exceed these specifications. You can use the program ‘Sysinfo’ (Applications Menu > System...
18 Dec, 2012 Views: 1586
document Who do I contact for Otech support?
Otech is a student driven program. This includes Otech Support, which we have established to provide help for students that have received computers. Otech Support is built upon the idea of students helping students, and includes limited, best effort support while you are an Owens student. This...
15 Oct, 2013 Views: 1617
document How do I print from my Otech computer?
One device that you may want to add to the computer is a printer. If you are buying one specifically for this computer, you will want to research and make sure there drivers available. Support for printers may be harder to come by for Linux computers than for Windows or a Mac. Due to the wide...
30 Nov, 2012 Views: 1321
document Can I install Microsoft Office on my Otech computer?
We have installed Libre Office on all of the Otech systems. Libre Office is very similar to the Microsoft Office suite and can open/save in most of the same formats as Microsoft products. Unfortunately, Microsoft Office does not work on computers with a Linux operating system. **The...
18 Dec, 2012 Views: 1404
document What is Otech?
Established in 2010, Otech provides refurbished desktop computers to students who do not have one at home. These computers are offered so that currently enrolled students have convenient access to technology that can assist them in their educational experience here at Owens.
20 Nov, 2012 Views: 1537
document How do I stop the Otech Tutorial Webpage from popping up whenever I log in?
The Mozilla Firefox web browser is set up to launch a local web page when a user logs into each system. This page is designed to give you helpful information through tutorials and tips. To turn off the Tutorial Webpage: 1. Click on the Start button in the lower left-hand corner of the...
30 Nov, 2012 Views: 1494
document Why does my Otech system say that I have run out of disk space?
Some users may experiance an error stating that they have run out of disk space. This is because the system is logging a minor display error and the storage of these logs has filled up most of the hard drive's free space. If you are currently experiencing this issue, please contact Otech Support...
15 Oct, 2013 Views: 1497
document I have forgotten my Otech system password, how do I log in?
Otech systems are personal computers, so we do not have a database to reset your password for you. If you schedule an appointment and bring in your Otech system, we will be happy to reset it for you. CONTACTING OTECH SUPPORT TO SET AN APPOINTMENT INFORMATION TO...
15 Oct, 2013 Views: 1536

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