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document Is there a fee for applying to the college?
If you are a new student or a returning student who is applying for re-admission, a $20 fee will be assessed for completing the admissions application. This fee will be charged at the time you register for classes. You do not have to pay the fee at the time of application and will not be charged...
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document I have applied and been admitted, what is my next step?
New students should also send high school and prior academic transcripts (including previous colleges) to the Oserve/Records office at the following address: Owens Community College Attn: Records Office P.O. Box 10, 000 Toledo, OH 43699-1947 Most new students also need to complete a new...
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document Where do I apply online?
Students can apply online at the following link: https://express.owens.edu/prod/bwskalog.P_disploginnon or by going to the Owens homepage at www.owens.edu and clicking on “Apply Today” that is located on the middle of the screen next to the search feature and underneath the banner. If this is...
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document I submitted my application, now I want to change my program of study/major. How do I do this?
Students do not need to complete a new application in order to change their major. Students can change their major through their Ozone account by clicking on “change major” under their “My Ozone” tab once they are logged in. They can also print out a form from the following link:...
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document Where do I send required documents or prior academic transcripts?
Students can submit their official academic transcripts or documentation to the OSERVE/Records office either in person or by mail: P.O. Box 10, 000, Toledo, OH 43699-1947.
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document Do I have to take the ACT or SAT test for admissions?
Students are not required to take a SAT or ACT test for general admission to the college, but we will accept ACT scores for academic advising and placement purposes if they are within the last two years. We do not accept SAT scores. Most degree-seeking students to the college will take a new...
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document I had my test scores sent to the college; why don't you have them?
Students should contact the office of Testing Services at 567-661-TEST (8378) to inquire about the posting of test scores.
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document How do I activate my Ozone account?
To activate your Ozone student account, go to www.owens.edu and click on "Ozone" under the trending tab or "Log in" at the top right corner of the screen. Read the information on the screen to enter in your username and follow the prompts for your initial password. Upon initial login, you will...
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document Why do I need to take a placement test as part of the admission process?
All new students who do not have prior college credit need to take the COMPASS placement test so academic advisors can accurately place them into reading, writing, math, and if necessary, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. Students who have already achieved ACT scores in the areas of...
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document Do I need to attend a New Student Orientation as part of the admission process?
New Student Orientation (NSO) provides students information on how to succeed at Owens. It is a required program for all first-time certificate or degree seeking students who are new to Owens and have less than nine (9) successfully completed transfer hours on file with Owens. Visit...
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