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document Testing Center Hours and Compass Testing
For current Testing Center hours, please visit: https://www.owens.edu/testing/index.html For Compass Testing, please visit: https://www.owens.edu/testing/compass.html
31 Jul, 2014 Views: 281
document Where can I go to get more information on a program or degree offered at Owens?
For a listing of available degrees and programs, visit the Academic section or the Class Catalog section of the Owens website. To find out when classes are available, visit the Class Schedule. For more information about a particular program or degree, contact Enrollment Services.
19 Sep, 2012 Views: 761
document Where can I go to see if my classes transfer between colleges?
Contact the Transfer Advisors for more information! Or visit Transferology.com to search whether or not your classes transfer from college to college!
23 Jul, 2014 Views: 423
document Where can I go to swap textbooks with other students?
Click here for Owens Community College’s free TEXTbook Exchange! The concept behind this is that you can post what books you have and look at other posts for the books you need. If you are interested in selling or buying, go to the “Buy/Sell Your Books HERE” and choose the...
16 Jan, 2014 Views: 483
document Where can I view and apply for jobs at Owens?
You can view the job openings on our Owens Community College Job Opportunities page!
19 Sep, 2012 Views: 757
document Who is considered an alumni?
A student who graduates will be given the alumni role for 730 day (roughly two years). Any person who contributes to the Alumni Association will be given access as long as they have an active status.
19 Nov, 2013 Views: 640

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