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Omail+ Student Email
document How can I setup a forwarding rule in Omail+ to forward messages in my Omail+ account to my Owens faculty/staff Outlook email account?
1.From the Omail+ tab, once you have accessed your student/alumni email account, click Settings in the upper right-hand corner of the window. 2. In the settings screen, click Forwarding and POP/IMAP. 3. Select Add a forwarding address and type your Owens faculty email address in the blank...
12 Sep, 2017 Views: 2030
document I am a faculty member and some of my students are sending email to my student Omail+ account and not my Owens GroupWise email account. Why is this happening?
This usually happens when a student looks for a professor’s name in the Omail+ address book and multiple entries appear for the same individual. They may inadvertently select the faculty member's student address (firstname_lastname@student.owens.edu) instead of the faculty address...
11 Feb, 2014 Views: 2059
document What is my OMail+ e-mail address?
Your Student E-mail Address for OMail+ is your first name followed by an underscore and your last name at student.owens.edu. Ex: firstname_lastname@student.owens.edu john_doe@student.owens.edu You can also see what your e-mail address is through your OMail+ interface. It is located in the...
19 Sep, 2012 Views: 5450
document I am trying to set up my e-mail on my mobile device. What are the settings for the Incoming/Outgoing mail server?
The majority of students will not need these settings to set up Omail+ on a mobile device. Our student e-mail (Omail+) is through Google, so it is a Gmail account. To add it to your mobile device, download the Gmail application and fill in the required information. If you are unable to use...
23 Aug, 2017 Views: 5827
document How do I set up Omail+ on iOS(iPhone, iPad, iPod)?
1. From the Home screen, open Settings. 2. Scroll down and tap on the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option. 3. Under Accounts, tap on Add Account... 4. Select Gmail. 5. Use your Owens email address (firstname_lastname@student.owens.edu) and password and tap...
05 Oct, 2012 Views: 3084
document I recently graduated, how long will I have an Omail+ email account after I leave the college?
Any student who graduates will be able to keep their Omail+ account for two semesters (summer semester is not counted). Any person who contributes to the Alumni Association will be given access as long as they have an active status by paying yearly dues to the alumni association. For more...
19 Sep, 2012 Views: 1711
document I have multiple email accounts at Owens Community College. Can you tell me what each is used for?
If you are a faculty/staff member your email account will be: firstname_lastname@owens.edu. This account can be accessed using the desktop Outlook email client or Employee Email Web Access from the Ozone portal (internet). If you are an alumni or student as well, your email address would be:...
11 Oct, 2017 Views: 2168
document When I try to access my student Omail+ account, I am being redirected to the Google website. How do I access my Omail+ from here?
1. Click Sign in on the Google Website. 2. Enter your FULL email address in the Email field. ex. your_name@student.owens.edu 3. Leave the Password field blank. 4. Click Sign in. 5. It may ask you to click Sign in again. 6. If you are not already logged into Ozone,...
14 Dec, 2012 Views: 2231
document How do I "unsend" an email from my Omail+ (Google) account?
Your OMail+ has an "Undo Send feature" which gives you a 10-second window to "undo" sending an outgoing email. To set up simply click on the Settings button (looks like a gear) in the top right of your Omail+ screen, click on Settings, and under General there is a section titled Undo Send where...
12 Sep, 2017 Views: 1594
document Phishing Attempt: This email is NOT from Owens!
The following email has been sent to Owens users, DO NOT reply to this email! Owens will never ask for your password. Also note that the sender DOES NOT have an Owens email address: webinternational32@gmail.com. >>> "System administrator" <webinternational32@gmail.com>...
12 Sep, 2017 Views: 1552

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