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Kiosk Computers
document Can I pull up a document from a flash drive on a Kiosk and print it?
No, you will need to visit one of the Computer labs on campus to print documents off of a flash drive.
19 Sep, 2012 Views: 772
document Can I read/print Microsoft Word and other documents at a Kiosk computer?
No, you will need to visit one of the Computer labs on campus to print documents.
19 Sep, 2012 Views: 753
document Can I read/print my email from a kiosk computer?
Yes, users are able to access their Owens email through Ozone on a kiosk computer. If a printer is present in the kiosk area, you will be able to print your Owens email.
11 Feb, 2014 Views: 803
document How do I load new paper into the Password Reset Kiosks' printers?
1. Hit the black button to open printed. 2. Remove old paper roll. 3. Place new paper roll into printer with shiny side facing up (See video). 4. Close printer lid.
15 Aug, 2014 Views: 247
document How do I log off the Kiosk computer?
Click Logout in the upper right-hand corner of your Ozone screen and then refresh the screen.
19 Sep, 2012 Views: 781
document How do I refresh (close and reopen) the Kiosk computer's screen?
The keyboard shortcut of Alt + F4 will close the page and reload the browser window.
11 Feb, 2014 Views: 1099
document How do I reset my Ozone password using a Password Reset Self-Service Kiosk?
If you are a student and your Ozone password is not working, you can reset your own password at a Password Reset Self-Service Kiosk on campus. Conveniently located at the Toledo campus and the Findlay campus in the Oserve department, the Password Reset Self-Service Kiosks are available during...
26 Feb, 2015 Views: 914
document Is a Kiosk computer a good place to do my online banking and other secure transactions?
No, kiosk computers only allow access to your Ozone account and the information available through your Ozone account.
19 Sep, 2012 Views: 747
document What are Kiosk computers?
Kiosk computers are computers located all across campus. They are intended for students and faculty to log into their Ozone accounts, check Owens e-mail, verify schedule/registration status, check account balances and use the other features in Ozone.
19 Sep, 2012 Views: 761
document What do I do if the kiosk printer paper needs to be refilled?
You can call the Help Desk (567) 661-7120 and notify them that the printer is out of paper.
19 Sep, 2012 Views: 739

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