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document What is my username and password?
Your full first name, underscore, full last name: jonathon_doe.  Some usernames will have a number following the last name due to students having popular name (example: jonathon_doe2).  To verify your username, click here. Your initial password is your two-digit birth day,...
19 Sep, 2012 Views: 553
document How do I reset my Password Reset Questions?
1.  Log in to Ozone using your Owens username and password.   2.  Click on the Change PW Questions link. 3.  Fill in ALL of the response fields.  (The words show up as black dots)  Make sure your responses are something you will...
11 Dec, 2012 Views: 476
document How do I reset my password?
  If you have forgotten or lost your password, please visit the Reset Password link. *The Reset password link can also be found at ozone.owens.edu or when you have a failed log-in attempt.   1.  Type your Username into the field provided (username is your...
20 May, 2013 Views: 632
document My username is supposed to be my first name underscore last name (firstname_lastname). How do I make an underscore?
19 Sep, 2012 Views: 838
document Password Expiration Policy
To ensure the security of College resources, passwords must be changed every 120 days.  If your account is compromised (password is ever lost or stolen), this limits the access that an attacker may have to a short window of time.  Periodic password changes...
03 May, 2013 Views: 413
document Why doesn't the Login button work? I enter my username and password to log in to Ozone and click the Login button, but nothing happens.
*Disclaimer: Owens is not responsible for personally owned devices or software. Download software at your own risk. For safe computing, always download software from reputable sites. We have received many calls concerning the Login button on the Ozone Login page not working in Internet Explorer,...
25 Mar, 2014 Views: 1531
document How do I reset my Ozone password using a Password Reset Self-Service Kiosk?
If you are a student and your Ozone password is not working, you can reset your own password at a Password Reset Self-Service Kiosk on campus. Conveniently located at the Toledo campus and the Findlay campus in the Oserve department, the Password Reset Self-Service Kiosks are...
11 Feb, 2014 Views: 364
document When will my password expire? How can I find out when my password will expire?
Passwords expire every 120 days. To check your password status click here and type in your user name and password. You will receive an email to notify you in advance of password expiration. We recommend that you create your new password before it expires.
24 Mar, 2014 Views: 67