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Power Management (Desktop)
document What is standby or sleep mode?
A power-management state that uses the lowest amount of power while leaving the computer turned on. Programs or documents that are open remain open while the computer is in the sleep/standby state, and when you return and wake the computer, you can pick up where you left off.
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document How can I visually tell if my computer is in sleep/standby mode and not shutdown?
You can check the power light indicator of your computer to determine what power state it is in. Sleep/Standby – The power light indicator will blink at a steady, consistent rate. Shutdown – The power light indicator will not turn on at all. Turned on – The power light indicator...
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document I have moved the mouse or pressed a key on my keyboard, yet my computer is still not awake. What can I do?
After moving the mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard, we expect a computer to wake up within 30 seconds. If you are not presented with a login screen, you can perform these steps: Check that your monitor is turned on. Typically a monitor will display an amber or green light when it is...
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document How do I wake my computer from sleep/standby mode?
You can wake your computer from sleep/standby simply by pressing a key on your keyboard. After 15-20 seconds you should see the instruction to press "ctrl+alt+del" on your screen. You will be prompted to enter your username and password after you press these buttons. You should now be back were...
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document Will my computer be awake when I arrive at the office each morning?
No, your computer will remain in standby until you wake it. To wake your computer, simply click the mouse or press a key on the keyboard.
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document Will my computer go to sleep/standby while I am using it?
No. Your computer is intended to go to sleep/standby only when you are not using it. At night, your computer will go to sleep/standby only after a period of 60 minutes (depending on the time) of not being in use. For example, if you work on your computer until 6 PM, your computer should go to...
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document Will my files close when my computer goes to sleep/standby mode?
No. When your computer goes into standby or sleep mode, your open programs and files are stored in the computer’s memory. When you wake your computer, you will be able to continue working where you left off.
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document Will my monitor automatically turn off?
Yes. Your monitor will automatically enter standby mode after 20 minutes of inactivity.
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document When will my computer go to sleep/standby?
The following is the daily schedule: – Computers will go to sleep/standby after 60 minutes of inactivity. NOTE In general, a computer is considered inactive when the keyboard and mouse are not in use and certain applications are not running (e.g., daily anti-virus scans).
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document I have noticed my computer is not going to sleep/standby mode at night. Is there something wrong?
To allow nightly software delivery of applications and security patches using SURVEYOR Wake on WAN, we expect a small percentage of computers to remain online. You may notice one night your computer stays online, while other nights it may not. This is completely normal and is the expected system...
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