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Listing of due dates for the deferred payment plan

Recent Articles
document What are the deferred payment plan due dates?
Deferred Payment Plan Due Dates Fall 2016 August 15 September 15 October 15 November 15 Spring 2017 January 3 February 3 March 3 April...
rating 27 Sep, 2016 Views: 30
document How do I add money to my Express Card or view the balance?
You can put money on your Express Card on the web by logging in to Ozone, visiting any of the Value Transfer Stations on campus, or you can drop a...
rating 14 Sep, 2016 Views: 2368
document What is the Owens Tuition Guarantee?
At Owens Community College, your success is our mission. Whether you are working on your degree to get a new job, to get a better job or to transfer...
rating 13 Sep, 2016 Views: 29
document What are the Owens IT Help Desk's hours?
The IT Help Desk Hours for Fall 2016 are: Sun., Closed Mon.-Thurs., 7:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Fri., 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Sat., Closed *Front counter opens...
01 Sep, 2016 Views: 1247
document How do I remove software from my computer using the Software Center
1. Click on the Start button and then on All Programs. 2. Click on the Microsoft System Center folder, then on Configuration Manager and finally...
rating 31 Aug, 2016 Views: 58

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document How do I switch displays from the monitor to projector? (Or Computer Only, Projector and Monitor, Two Monitors)
1. While holding down the Windows key, press and release the P key. 2. Click on the Display option you would like to use. (Chose...
rating 27 Oct, 2014 Views: 92499
document How do I take a screenshot (picture of my computer screen) using Windows Vista or Windows 7?
1. Click the window you would like to capture. 2. Press Alt + Print Screen (Print Scrn) by holding down the Alt key and then pressing the Print...
rating 19 Nov, 2013 Views: 78206
document How do I take a screenshot (picture of my computer screen) using Windows XP?
1. Click on the window you would like to capture. 2. Press Ctrl + Print Screen (Print Scrn) by holding down the Ctrl key and then pressing the...
rating 19 Nov, 2013 Views: 62998
document How many credits do I need to be considered a part-time or full-time student
Any student taking less than full-time or 12 credit hours is considered a part-time student at the college. Any student taking between 12-16 credit...
rating 25 Jun, 2014 Views: 33841
document How do I download and install free software from Microsoft's DreamSpark website?
DreamSpark is an online store that provides access to a number of software packages through our paid membership in DreamSpark. Please Note: To...
26 Jan, 2015 Views: 19830