October 17, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
EC 111
Findlay-area Campus

For many community college students, making school a priority is hard enough, let alone taking advantage of all the extras. From fighting financial aid, challenging academics, getting lost in a big system, to just feeling overwhelmed with pressure, simply getting to class can be difficult enough. Despite this, we know that community college students have the most to gain – their education and experience will change their lives significantly. Simple decisions can lead to extraordinary outcomes if they simply know what to look for and how to maximize their resources. We cannot afford to leave this to chance. Instead, let?s show them how. This keynote is about helping students see past conventional roadblocks, maximizing their potential instead of marginalizing themselves and creating a personal plan for success with all the opportunities already created for them by their college staff and faculty. Students will hear relatable stories and learn of captivating examples, which exemplify how any student can lifehack their way to success during college and beyond.

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